Phone app not rescanning my home network

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Hi everybody, On my fing phone app the home screen shows 36 of 46 devices last scanned 5 weeks ago and NO option to rescan ( just see all devices)  it also shows current wifi 13 of 14 devices which lets me rescan, Im not sure why this option will let me scan? I only have 1 network and would like it to rescan my home and not my connected network (which i thought  should be the same anyway?)  If I reset my box to a factory reset will it change back to the same once I sign in with my email again?
Its very frustrating and I've spent many hours trying to work it out so any help will be much appreciated


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    Hi @Pete001123...  This is for the Fingapp without a Fingbox, correct?  The app has a concept of a default network.  If you trying to scan, it could be trying to scan that default network.  Go to the home page of the mobile app, scroll down to the current WiFi section. You will see a list icon.  Click on it and make sure your connected network is selected.  Then try a scan...
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    Hi Marc, thanks for your reply, although I DO have a fingbox. (which is connected to the router) however ive done what you have said and at the top of the second screen it shows my fingbox as home, underneath it also shows that ive scanned 15 networks over the past 6 months most of which have the same  ip address so assume that they are the 3 Devolo wifi plugs that i have around the house.