How long is the delay before the outages in the Fing app is updated?

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Right now, there is a big outage on the east coast of the U.S. due to a fiber cut.  Downdetector and others have already posted the outage.  The Fing desktop app outage page does not show any active outages, anywhere globally.  What is the delay in how long the Fing app outage gets updated?  I ask to know if I can expect Fing to work quickly and be a tool I can leverage or more of a novelty for less technical users.  


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    Hi @rick_x8

    Fing leverages a fleet of probing devices distributed worldwide, periodically sending heartbeats: disconnections are processed by real-time streaming analytics with machine learning based trending and outlier detection, i.e. self-learning thresholds to automatically detect and report outages at the ISP level or at carrier/power level.

    Detailed description of Fing's real-time outage detection, with a live list of active probes, is available in related help article here.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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