Device in range!

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As I understand the "device in range" feature only is relevant for wireless devices.
I have a NAS with absolutely no wireless capabilities but still I get a lot of xx went offline, xx is in range, xx went online.
I have tested and the NAS is online all the time thru these messages.
Have anyone seen the same and perhaps can explain?


  • Robin_from_Fing
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    Hi @Liltorp

    Can you share screenshot of this? Also, if your NAS set up correctly to work with Fingbox? Please make sure all ports needed for Fingbox is open for it. Ports 80, 443 are usually used by Synology NAS.  You will need to change those port configurations so that both of these devices can work together.   

    This is just a sample from WD on how to do this.  This is from their community forum. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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