Why are the speedtests results so terrible? Can we manually point the application somewhere else?

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I've seen the other discussions about the speedtests being wildly awful. I understand that fing users M Labs. The suggests from the Fing team just seem boilerplate awful. They really need to get this taken care of. I'm on GIG fiber. Fing Desktop test shows 100-200 down and 100-200 up. That's terrible. The server that the Fing Desktop App connected to was -> 
Running any other speedtest on the same desktop = 850 down 900 up. 
Running the test in browser directly at Measurement labs at Speed Test by Measurement Lab = 600 down and 750 up. Not the same as speedtest.net but obviously not as bad as inside the Desktop Application. The Mlabs website also used the Atlanta location, the same as the desktop app. Something is happening inside the desktop app which is very very wonky. 


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    @bradnola, can we assume you took the Fing speed test reading and the mLabs one after the other?  @Robin, any suggestions on how to troubleshoot the variances?  
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    Fingbox speed test has NEVER worked and I don't know how they get away with marketing it as a feature. I have full gig fiber and every device and cable is gig and test 950+ everywhere but Fingbox which reads 76/30 mbps. Pathetic. As long as this has been a known issue to Fing and customers is false marketing.

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    Hi @bradnola
    Can you share the screenshot of scans from Desktop, m-lab website, and from Fing app/Fingbox? If the Fing app and Fing desktop shows different results than M-lab website then we can investigate this. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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