2 Gateway Addresses-- Man in Middle Attack?

I have strong reason to believe that I either have cloned network or Man in the Middle Attack.  I am "ok" "pretty knowledgeable" but not an IT administrator.  I am on Fing, Using Nord VPN , on Asus Router.  Fing showing me two Gateway Addresses, is that unusual?  Just concerned/nervous
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    Thanks for the post. I am sure our moderators can advice you. Any guidance @Marc @Pixel

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    @DumbDan, can you screenshot what your seeing in Fing?
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    Maybe you made a virtual access point, I doubt two gateways would even work, possible you have a modem and a router connected together. Then you would need to subnet them the router with internet is the gateway other things need to use that gateway to get internet so if you have a modem that is then the router is would need to set the default gateway of the192.168.1.1 to so it routes through the other one, default gateway's default is usually same as it's up address but with multiple devices you would need to tell the device to route to the MAIN default gateway or no internet.

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    Subnet was wrong term sorry. I think I said enough hopefully it helps