WiFi Performance test stopped working

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After AT&T sent a s/w upgrade on Dec 3 to my fiber modem and reset it, had to reset Wifi to "Pass Through"so my Ubiquiti router would start providing wifi again.  Now the Fing "Wifi Performance" test under network heading shows each correct device AP ( Mac. address )  but shows 0bps on all Access Points, effectively not working any more.  Any suggestions?  I dowloaded the latest release of the Ring App weeks ago.   Help! 



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    @Leburk01, please try a complete restart of your network equipment and see if that helps if you have not already.  Start with the Fiber router and work your way ending at any nodes you might have.  Let me tag @Robin, @Pixel as well to see if they have any suggestions.
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    Presumably even though, in theory, at 0bps nothing is working in fact I am guessing everything is working normally. If this is the actual situation then Marc’s suggestion should resolve the situation. Just remember that when restarting the network start at the router and gradually power up the other items in turn working “away” from the router. Then rescan the network and hopefully all will be restored to normal.
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    Thanks @Marc @Pixel
    Can you let me know if you are using Fing app on Android or Iphone? Also, as @Marc
     suggested can you perform a power cycle of your router and Fingbox and then check if the same issue persists?

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