FING reporting wrong IP address

I have a printer with a static IP address assigned in printer and in router.  The router reports the correct assigned IP number, FING does not.  I have a number of reserved IP addresses assigned to other devices and this is the only device FING is reporting wrong.  FING does report correct MAC and device type.  Any suggestions?

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  • DavidF
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    Can you ping the device on either/both IP addresses? 
    Fing just gets its information from start ARP, so I cannot imagine what would cause it to mistake the IP address associated with a specific MAC address. If you ping both IPs from windows command prompt and then do "arp -a" you should see the IP address and MAC association. 
  • IndyW
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    I have resolved the issue.  And my router firmware is not listing connected devices correctly nor resolving names.  FING does a much better job of that.