Advice needed how to protect my network

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Hey everyone.

I'm new here. But also so lost! It seems that since the pandemic started, my network has been hacked. Pictures have been deleted, files that were in folders are gone, IP addresses on video game consoles have been changed, passwords for apps aren't the same, I receive notifications that I requested a password change, etc. I have changed the SSDI and password multiple times, I've gone through 5 different routers, I have changed the gateway router settings and broadcasting still happens, saved devices are also changed, I have used different VPN's, etc. I have contacted my internet provider and they just laugh at me. I know I'm not crazy, from the looks of it a lot of people are going through similar situations. What can I do? Please help!



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    I am having the same issues, wish we could get an answer..

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    @Bambi I found out that changing the password to your modem. Make it extremely long, examples can be the beginning letter of a word, make your password a sentence. Use numbers, symbols.

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    Changing your router password is only the 1st step and you should do this from a browser on a secure device. Sounds like you have malware on most of you pcs and/or phones by now. You need to unplug from the network, backup data to a nonbootable store, and clean or wipe all suspect devices. It's a lot of work. As one says. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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    Ok, so securing your network is the first line of defense. Sounds like its a device on your network that is compromised. You need to change passwords on your devices, then lock down the firewall on the pc. An os reinstall would be ideal.

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    Seems like you have caught a spy or monitoring virus on your device (pc or mobile which is connected to pc) 
    You can read here how to remove spy apps from your device, I hope you will fix it, diseased hardware is a real trouble 
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    Some I'm being remotely hacked via androids link to pc weather app is on or off it might even be when data is on and not even around computer and maybe when it's off too..... Trying to get it secured on this end I'm guessing changing pass would be the first step..... Cause he has access to all my pics and everything messages

    I linked mine up once I saw that was the issue but it'll go thru a bunch of settings... Unless he had it set up while I had Kaspersky he was able to lock my device charge settings And even my number and got access of Gmail account.... Even with app off deleted he still able to access me... Guess I'll reach out to Microsoft and sue for shitty idea because now I've lost a 29k investment... Due to thier lack of allowing this be such a easy hack please help cause even once I leave home ill have to find a solution because he has all myy personal info other than that I've been trying to find services to see how's he able to not be detected but thst prolly because he's going thru my computer to phone or internet to phone att said nothing it's no virus thanks

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    Ok I'm going to really help you out since I just went though the whole process of doing this and I am a tech in my day to day. This is what I would advise everyone to do. 
    First for all of your email accounts or socials go buy Yubikeys or Google Titan keys for all of them. They aren't that much buy more then what you think you'll need as google requires you to have 2 to do their highest security program. This way even if you are being man in the middled or remotely hacked and they they get your password they still would need to have the physical USB key to log in. It really will give you peace of mind knowing your accounts are fine even if the password gets out. 

    Once you have that under control time for the network next. There isn't a one size fits all with networks and while you can them up well it also depends on what you're facing. I can say your days of the set it and forget it are probably over. You only really got away with that because you didn't know the risk in not paying attention or setting it up properly but now that this has happened you won't want to do that. You won't be able to really feel comfortable for a while so the best thing to do is buy good network gear that gives you more vision over the network and devices so that you do find some peace. You will have to learn a bit about setting it up and so on but it's not too bad. It also gives you the ability to segment your network into as many different vlans, meaning the devices on that network are isolated from your other networks. This helps you track down what device was hacked and you can keep them away from the rest of your stuff. 

    Beyond that I'd suggest taking your devices offline and pulling all data you care about onto external hard drives and only re attach them to the internet when they are just running software and don't have any valuable data on it. That way you don't have to stress as much and you can actually try to test a few things without worrying about the outcome. 

    Now this is just what I got so I can't speak all products but i've been very happy with my Unifi setup. There were some things I had to learn which took a second but I will never go back to bad network gear again. The UDM Pro and UDM are actually pretty good deals considering what they are / do. If that feels like too much go with a mesh setup that has a good app. Like orbi or google home nest. Its still better insight then you'll have with a common home router but you may not have much control. 

    Unifi Dream Machine Pro
    2 AC AP Pro - I'd suggest going with the nano APs so you don't need PoE setup.

    The next step down you only need this device and it's still pretty good from what I hear.

    Orbi Home Mesh

    Titan Security Key and Yubikey

    Good Luck. Lemme know if you have any other questions. 

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    1. Change router password to something 12+ random characters.

    2. Reconnect all possible devices you use.

    3. Use Fing to do a network scan and specifically identify everything to make sure its accounted for.

    4. Wait 24 hours and do another network scan. Anything new?