I am receiving notices in Spanish

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Suddenly, my notices in iPhone and iPad are coming to me in Spanish, but the preferences are set to English, as always. Don’t see a way to change this.

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  • Robin_from_Fing
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    Hi @RobertBurr

    We have recently introduced new settings for our Web App whereby you can select the language preference for notifications received. To do this, please go the web application of Fing i.e. https://app.fing.com/ .

    From there, please follow the steps below: 

    · Login to your Fing account with the registered e-mail address.

    · Click on the ‘Avatar’ and then choose ‘Settings’.

    · From the drop-down list of languages, select your desired language and click ‘Save Settings’.

    · Logout from your Mobile Application and then log back in again.

    Your desired language is now set.

  • RobertBurr
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    That was annoying. No reasonable excuse for arbitrarily setting my language to a Spanish.


  • Big_Slink
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    Same thing happened to me. My language setting was set to Spanish. I went to https://app.fing.com to change it English. I would say this is some weird default, but the post by @Robin says this was introduced sometime before Jan 14. So, did my setting get changed from English to Spanish today without my permission? Whatever the case, it is a bit alarming for settings in an account linked to a security device to seemingly change without notifying me and without my permission.
  • Ciaran
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    hi @Big_Slink, thanks for the post. No need to be alarmed, when signing in, the language is taken from the devices’ preferred languages at that moment, or from the user’s social profile if he/she performs a social signing and the info is available.
    The language can be changed in the App and in the web app (as described by Robin in this thread). I hope this helps.

    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)