App keeps saying "Fingbox not found" but light is green on Fingbox

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I just recently purchased a Fingbox and when I go to add it to my account it keeps saying. "Fingbox not found, please make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi your Fingbox is plugged into." But I am connected to the same network/Wi-Fi my Fingbox is on, I can see the Fingbox IP address in my router and the light is slowly pulsing green on the Fingbox. So im confused, why is the app not discovering the Fingbox? if I run a regular scan in the Fing app, it even shows up in the list of devices, but it wont add it to my account!

If someone coud help me that would me great! 


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    Hi @AirTechx
    Are you still facing the issue? As I can see from your account, you already have a Fingbox activated on your account. 


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    oh yes! i was able to solve the problem by searching for the Fingbox like 15times with an iOS device😒 an Android device would not work!