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why does the Fingbox seemingly fail to measure my Gigabit broadband connection correctly? All the other speed tests I’ve tried show speeds around the 970mbps mark, but the mLabs test rarely gets above 100mbps.

My Fingbox shows firmware version 1.14.20.

Any help much appreciated.


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    @DK1805, I moved this to the Fingbox area for relevance.  As you noted Fing uses mLabs service when you test.  Have you used mLabs Speedtest directly from their website and do the results differ between when you test from the app then we you test directly from mLabs?
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    Yes, the speeds from MLabs website are much much slower, but to be honest it’s a bit tricky to tell as both mLabs website and the Fingbox speedtest results are all over the place, varying from 70mbps to 200mbps, but Ookla for instance, gives 970mbps. So it’s quite a large difference.

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    Hi @DK1805
    You can check by using any other CAT 6 or 7 cable is similar results are shown. Also, Please check this link and check Chris_from_mlab reply there: https://community.fing.com/discussion/5401/speedtest-limited-to-about-500-mbit-download#latest
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