Fingbox not pausing Samsung TVs

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I'm having issues with the fingbox not blocking some devices. It seems to be intermittent on the Macbook if it works or not but it doesn't work on any of the Samsung TV's.

UPnP is enabled, IPv6 is disabled.

Network is a Ubiquiti USG, Araknis Switch and 3 Ubiquiti WAPs in a mesh.


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    Hi @AlanM

    Applications, such as Youtube, will often download packets of data in advance so as to make the use of them smoother. You will see this on Youtube in the bar along the bottom of the video. The line in red indicates how far through the video you are, but you will also see a grey line further ahead of the red – this grey line shows you where the application is in downloading the data. As this data has already reached your device and does not require the Internet to watch,  when the Internet is paused Youtube will continue to play the video until the red line catches up with the grey line. When it catches this up the video will stop working as Youtube is unable to access the Internet to download more data.

    This catch-up process can sometimes take a minute or so, so if you want to know immediately if an Internet Pause has worked try refreshing or opening a new screen.

    If you still have access to the Internet at this point it could then be one of 3 things that are preventing the block from working.

    • IPv6 – this is a method of communication that some devices use when IPv4 is blocked. Unfortunately, Fingbox cannot block IPv6 communications. If you feel comfortable, and if your router allows it, you can disable IPv6 within your router settings. All devices communicate on IPv4 so it should not impact the average user’s network performance.
    • Incompatible Router – Fingbox pauses Internet using a technique called ARP spoofing. Some routers contain software designed to block ARP spoofing, so prevent Fingbox performing this feature. 
    • Firewalls – Fingbox generally plays very well with firewalls, but like with the routers, there may be some software in the firewall that clashes with the Fingbox software.
    Also, if your TV has ability to generate virtual MAC address then also, Fingbox will not be able to block/pause device.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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