I don't have the ability to schedule blocking of users like I once had. Did this get removed?

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I can only manually pause a user now. 


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    Also my ios doesn't even show users. Only my android,
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    Hi, No functionality has been removed. Initially, on the iOS app, I suspect you cannot see the users because your Fingbox network may not be on your Home tab of your app.

    To add a network to your 'Home' tab on an iOS device:

    1) Ensure you are logged into the account associated with your Fingbox

    2) Go to 'Home' tab

    3) On the 'Home' tab, at the very top, you will see the current network that you are connected to. To the very right hand side (across from where the 'Scan for devices' icon is, you will see an icon (3 lines & bullet points icon). Press that.

    4) A list of networks will appear. At the very top of the list, you will see 'My Fingboxes'. Choose the network associated with your Fingbox and swipe from right to left

    5) 2 icons will appear and illuminate: a 'Home' icon in blue & and 'Trash' icon in red. Click once on the blue 'Home' icon.

    Your Fingbox network will now be added to the top of your 'Home' tab.

    An alternative way to access your Fingbox dashboard would be to:

    1) From the 'Home' tab, click on 'Scan for devices'

    2) An options list will appear, choose 'Show Fingbox network', click on that.

    This will bring you to your Fingbox dashboard where you will see the tabs for all of the Fingbox functionality.

    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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