Fing reports unknow devices are connected to my network

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In the moment i have some problems with my internet provider. It is from time to time off . In these cases i am using the personal hotspot function from my i-phone and connect my WLAN via fritzbox to the WLAN deliverd by the personal hotspot.
When i do so all works fine but i always get message by fing that external device , not owned by me and also unknow to me get connected for instance right now this one :

there are quite a few this is just an example. I always block them immediately.
But  i am a bit irritated. When i look to the list of connected devices in my router - these devices are not visible.
So for me it looks like an internal fing issue. Why is fing reporting that there are devices in my network.
And are they really connected or is this an wrong information ???
Please urgently advice .
thx and regards


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