Problem with activation of Fingbox v2

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I hope you can help me - I'm a new member here...
I've just upgraded to a Fingbox v2 after having a v1 for a number of years.  I was very happy with the v1 but it started to play up last year so I needed an upgrade.  
I have the iPhone app and Fing Desktop.
I am having significant difficulties activating the new Fingbox.  Initially it would only show a bright white light - I've followed the guidance and have used the correct network cable and also ensured the power is not via a multi-plug extension.  I once achieved a bright green light on the device (but it wasn't pulsing, I don't think).  At several points I have had virtually every light colour showing!!!
I have reset my router (Plusnet) and re-established all the connections to see if that would help.
Most recently, I have mostly had a blue pulsing light on several reboots.  Until it starts pulsing blue it goes bright white, then a dimmer white light with a very slight pinkish hue.
I can sometimes see the device on my network - fairly consistently in Fing Desktop and less often on the iPhone app, albeit this seems hit and miss.  Most recently, via the iPhone app, it said "Fingbox already active - you must be signed in with the same Fing account to use it.  You are currently signed in as....."
I bought this from someone who had advised it had not been used previously.  It appears that it was ex-display or similar - I sought re-confirmation of this and they are pretty sure it hadn’t been used.
Any ideas please?  I have seen others provide MAC addresses to Fing to get a full reset of account - is that the issue here or am I missing something???  It seems to me likely that the account needs a reset to my credentials?
Thank you for your help!

PS Update - it has also shown a green light again - static, not pulsing for a few minutes.  During that period I was able to ping it from the iPhone app but could not activate it.  When I have tried to activate it - from 'Set up a new Fingbox' is says already active.  The light then went white, then to white with a very slight green hue for a short period.  Now it is Blue pulsing again!