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One of the devices on my Fing Desktop is showing one of my phones as a PS4 gaming device, with Sony logo, etc. However I verified the phone was present on the list by searching the MAC. That matching IP was also incorrect. However, the details for the MAC were correct.  
btw- Both devices are showing as OFFLINE, even thought the phone is connected.
Am I supposed to delete both devices? Would Fing relocate these correctly if doing so? Or, what should I do to fix this issue.
Appreciate your feedback!


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    I've run into the same problem with the mac address the ip is correct but the mac address does not match with what I see on the device. I removed the device multiple times but when the device comes back online it has the same mac address.  Does anyone have any ideas what may be going on? 
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    Hi All,
    For the misidentified devices, you can certainly remove those devices and then try to scan again. Removing a device will only ignore the device and deletes from the Fing App. It means that you do not want to monitor that particular device but when you rescan the network and if the device is still connected to that network, it will appear again on the network. Removing a device does not delete the device from the network. 

    To correct the misidentified device on Fing desktop, I would suggest to:   

    • Sign in and Go to Home tab   

    • Scan for devices. 

    • If the device is still recognized incorrect then Click on the specific device   

    • Click on Icon "Recognize" device   


    To manually identify the misidentified device on Fing app, I would suggest to:   

    • Sign in to the Fing app 

    • Go to Device List    

    • Click on the misrecognized device. 

    • Below the device name and O.S you will find a text saying "Did we get this right?"  

    • If you click on (thumbs_down icon) then it will allow you to manually enter the correct O.S and model of the device. 



    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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