Is it possible to delete my Fing account?

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Is it possible to delete my account completely?

Or at least is it possible to change my account email? I looked for it on the app and the website, but apparently, there is no way to do it.



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    Hey @gabo_iawa do you have a Fingbox? If you have a Fingbox we can process an email change, if not, you'd need to delete and start a new account. Could you let me know and then we can decide how to proceed.
    Just modifying the title of this thread to help other users as well. 

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    I have an old email that is unreachable and need to delete it from Fing.  I have a current gmail account I use w my Fingbox.  Can you help me delete the old account?
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    Hi, sure, please send me a Private Direct message with the details and I will do my best to help.Thanks
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