Fingbox interfering with CS:GO traffic in UDMP network

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Our Fing box seams to interfere with CS:GO outbound traffic resulting in “stalling” frames.

Infrastructure consists of Unifi UDMP-gateway recently updated to sw-release 1.8.3. If this update causes the issue or a recent Fing update is unknown.

CS:GO issue solved by removing Fing box from network.

Until eventuel explanation is known, Fing box and Fing service will remain unused. Sorry Fing!


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    @Pebby, I moved this to the Fingbox section for relevance. 

    One thing to look at is if you've set the app for "slower network discovery"?  You can find it after selecting your fingbox network, select the fingbox icon on the upper right and clicking on the feature.

    Not much to go on otherwise without something like a Wireshark trace with the issue occurring or similar.
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