Is there anyway to request a localized ISP be added to Fing for monitoring?

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We have a local ISP provider, BridgeNet, that is available in our general area and I was wondering if there was anyway to have it added to Fing so its general performance and outages could be monitored.  
Thank you


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    I would imagine that a “local” ISP will be leasing network access from a “higher order” ISP and your service is monitored under a different name however, @Ciaran or @Robin may be able to clarify the situation and add the lical ISP if it is feasible.
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    You are correct @Pixel and as we use database from MaxMind for ISP. If your ISP is registered with them then we will automatically be able to add them to our list. I hope it helps.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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