Where has the web app gone?

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Since I'm on Linux, the Desktop app is of no use to me. I was always pretty satisfied with the web app.
However, I can't reach it any longer. 
https://app.fing.com/app says "You have no network in your account", yet it shows my ISP, and using the same login does show my network on the mobile app. I've tried various browsers and made sure there were no plugins blocking any requests.
https://app.fing.com/internet/account/dashboard shows "You don't have any subscription", even though I confirmed I want to remain on the free plan through the website and the mobile app. Fing's subscription page mentions the web app should come with all their plans. However, the urls that used to work (including a fing.io one that now redirects to fing.com) are only trying to lure me into Desktop apps that I can't run.
Does anyone know where I can find my trusty web app?

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    Thanks, @Marc. My Fingbox was running and I had confirmed that I could see the results in my mobile app with the same account, so that wasn't so much the problem.

    Eventually I found the 'Account storage' setting in the mobile app with a 'Synchronize' button, changing my account state to OK, from whatever it was before. After that the web app saw my networks again.



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    @Aapit, this URL, https://app.fing.com/, is the one but make sure you are logging in with an account that can access what was scanned by the desktop, mobile or Fingbox.  The web app cannot be used to scan your network so you will still need to have running one of the fing apps or a fingbox.
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