I think some people in my neighborhood monitored mi phone, iPad, whatsapp, messages here in mexico

I really don't know how this asking service work but I am seeking for any help I can get to take them out of my privacy.. I am a Mexican living in Mexico and for years now i have been spied for these people . I came back to my home town where I was born after many years of living and working abroad and have a quite retirement and now I can not even walk arruine without being followed ...
  and as I don't know wish tad to take I will for for  network security . I am not very knowledgeable on the subject .
    Anyway I will appreciate any  help on  my problem.
    Many thanks for having the attention on reading it


  • baratthuj
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    U need ak or m4 !? Just let me know

  • lone48mexican
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    Hi mr baratthuj, thanks for your reply and unswering but to be honest I didn't understand 
    what AK or M4 mean in IT terms as I am not knowledgeable in the matter
  • FlyingN
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    If you have the Fing app you can look at your network to see what is on it. It list the IP address of each computer, cell phone, iPad, etc. on your network. Check each device you have and match the iP addresses listed. If you have ip addresses listed you do not know this is quite possibly an intruder. You need to block any ip you do not know.
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