I've just upgraded to Fingbox v2 and I'd like to upload my previous custom names, people etc.

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I've upgraded to Fingbox v2, but it seems that I have to configure all the users, device names etc. all over again.  Is there a way of uploading it from the v1?  I have a significant number of devices, so doing it manually will be time consuming.  By the way, can I run both fingboxes on the same network?  From the app, it seems possible.

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  • lccruzm9
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    Thanks, @Pixel and @Robin, for the clear answer.  It's a pity...  I guess I'll just export  from my V1 and manually update to V2 in installments... 
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    This seems to come up every time someone upgrades from a v1 to a v2 box.  Why can't you guys implement settings export and import functionality like every other decent network appliance on the market?  It seem Fing is no longer interested in improving the user experience for Fingbox customers.
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    Thanks for the suggestion @PeterP
    I will pass this suggestion to our developers for consideration and hopefully it will be reviewed over for future versions.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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