Ghost from the past on my network, scary!

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Yesterday after a long day of network cleaning (upgrading my router vpn software and a lot of IP reassigning), a new device alert appeared in Fing, showing a Galaxy Phone properly connected. My problem is that we live in a very isolated area where it is impossible to come close enough to our network without us noticing (unless we talk about special ops). Second problem is we do not own any such device. Third point is that I only gave access once to a Galaxy phone long ago. Is it possible that this device Is a ghost hidden in my Fing box memory ? If not what ?


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    Thanks for your post.
    Any advice @Marc @Pixel
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Hi @francesco here are a couple of thoughts,
    1. Are you looking at the fingbox record? There will be historical records in fingbox data which you can manually delete (swipe right to left). Edit: Fingbox will retain records automatically and unless you delete them they will remain on your list of devices.
    2. Is the device active? Ping the device, if it responds you can block it from accessing the network or just delete it, any further attempts to access the network will then give a notification.
    Cheers, Pixel

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    Also check your router logs. I have seen instances where a formally assigned IP address that has never been used again is finally assigned and is still associated to an old devices name. Linksys for instance seems to remember a device for ever until you delete it.

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