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Why does the Fingbox only report half the speed I'm actually getting?
I've tried several different online speed checkers, and they report around 920Mbps down and up.
Measurement Lab reports only 444Mbps down, but 915Mbps up.
The Fingbox itself only reports 509Mbps down and 575Mbps up, yet it supposedly uses Measurement Lab. 
Screenshots follow...


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    Here's the results from another test by Thinkbroadband...

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    And here's another from fast.com ... and... I think you get the idea, so I'll stop now.

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    Hi @RCX

    We have been in contact with our Speedtest partners, M-Labs. They confirmed that they have recently rolled out an upgraded of their infrastructure & migration of machines to a new platform. This is being done to improve the overall Speedtest performance going forward. By doing this, initially they have cut of the multi-stream download Speedtest that we rely on for our Speedtests. However, they have greatly improved the single stream download Speedtest (previously the single stream download could measure up to 250 Mbps, where now it can measure up to 500+ Mbps). With speeds above this, the measured speed reported will be lower than before, due to the single stream limits.

    To note for Fingbox users: this will also affect Fingbox Speedtests. We have released a new firmware version for the Fingbox which will allow single stream download to work again, firmware version 1.14.13 and onwards. If you have not yet received the new release, please power-cycle the Fingbox, this will automatically update the firmware on the Fingbox.

    M-Labs are working on re-introducing the mutli speed download speedtest, to include it again in the future. Currently, we have no time-frame on when this will be re-introduced. Unfortunately at this stage, there is no further steps we can take to expedite this process.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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