Fing box blocking all devices

I blocked all new devices and can't figure out how to undo it. as soon as I plug in the fing box I can't use the ios app or anything that uses wifi. I can get into fing desktop through my PC because it's not using wifi ,but I can't find the setting to undo the bloicking. I not sure the fing box is even  recognized in the desktop app. I pay for the premium account services is there phone support? please let me  know what to do.



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    Hi @MC76

    You can unblock devices in 2 ways: 
    1) Open Fingbox network and Go to the 'Device' tab 
    2) Click on the specific device 
    3) Scroll down to 'Manage this device' 
    4) You will see a red icon saying 'Unblock device'. Click that and it will unblock the device 
    1) Open Fingbox network and Go to the ‘Network’ tab 
    2) Scroll down to the 'Restricted Devices' section 
    3) Click on 'Restricted Devices' 
    4) This will display all the devices that have been blocked (along with the option to 'Unblock') 

    5) Also, Disable the Auto block new Devices from the same page 
    I hope this helps. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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