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When I scan my network in the app I notice that the Bonjour details do not correspond with the snmp details.
What am I doing wrong?

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    Thanks @Peter_Green
    Can you remove the misidentified device and then scan the network again? Removing a device will only ignore the device and deletes from the Fing App. It means that you do not want to monitor that particular device but when you rescan the network and if the device is still connected to that network, it will appear again on the network. Removing a device does not delete the device from the network. 

    The Fing App discovery will identify devices on a best effort basis, based on the information made available by the device, e.g. the MAC address. There are numerous reasons why the device might not be recognized correctly e.g.  

    - The DHCP server is not refreshing when speaking to your Fing.  

    - Limited information being offered by specific devices.  

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