Devices keeps disconnecting.

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I have a SlingBox Solo streaming device that is hard wired to the Ethernet port on a Linksys WRT1900AC router and it keeps disconnecting.  It is assigned a static ip address and uses port forwarding to avoid network problems.  Fing as well as Linksys app both show the device as active and it is able to get a ping and trace route.  Fing also shows the device is online and has been for over 2 weeks however the SlinBox app reports the device is not connected.  A reboot of the SlingBox does put it back on line.  Any thoughts??  By the way, Sling Media has announced it is out of business and no longer supporting its devices.


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    Thanks for the post @Womeara_6
    I am not sure of Slingbox but maybe our moderators can guide you something. Any advice @Marc @rooted @kltaylor @Pixel

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    Hi @Womeara_6 it seems you have issues with your Slingbox, possibly a firmware issue. Anything you do to try to resolve the problem you have could make matters worse. If you really can’t put up with rebooting your device you could try a factory reset which should, in theory at least, restore the device to it’s “new” state. There is a risk with the reset, you could make the situation worse!
    The absence of support means, unfortunately, you’re on your own unless Slingbox user forums can help.

    You could try looking for help from other owners at:-

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