Mesh network - Fing app thinks I’m on different network

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I have a Netgear Orbi mesh network with one main router and two satellites. When I hit “Scan for devices” in the Fing app on my iPhone, it asks me to “Switch to active Fingbox”, ie as if the network I am connected to is not my home (the active) network, which has the Fingbox connected. Is there a way around this? Or will the Fing app always think I am not on my home network due to the mesh setup?

Currently I have a Virgin Media router in modem mode which is connected to the Orbi router. The Orbi router in turn is connected to a Netgear switch, and my Fing box is connected to that.


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    Thanks for the post. For mesh network I am sure our moderators can guide you better. Any advice @kltaylor @Pixel @rooted @Marc
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    @DomConway, I believe in your case you may need to select the network your Fingbox is on and make it the default. I'm hoping this will alleviate what you're seeing.  Go to the mobile apps Home Screen, scroll down to current wifi and select the menu item highlighted.  This will bring you up a list of all of your networks.  Choose your fingboxes, swipe left and hit the home button to make it your default.

    Let us know if this solved your issue.

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    Hi @DomConway I am assuming that you are getting the following message:-

    If the above is the screen you’re getting then the following may be of interest:-
    With your mesh network you can be connected to whichever AP (of the 3 you have) offers the best signal at the time. (If you have split your wi-fi network to separate ssids for 2.4 & 5Ghz then they will also show as separate networks).
    If you progress with the scan, and the network name (ssid) doesn’t already exist fing will assume a new network and add it to your list of available networks.
    If you select Show Fingbox Network, the network hard wired to your Fingbox will be displayed which will display all currently connected devices, including inactive devices, that have connected to your network in the past.
    So, if the SSID that your device is connected to is “yours” then you are looking at your own network, no problems. The fingbox also offers up to date snapshots of your network and is probably the quicker display option.