What does it mean when a device has a user icon and a name beside it?

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Hi all,
I'm pretty new here and I am not sure what it means if a device who is logged into my wifi is a "named user", for example Bob and it has a user icon beside it. 

Does it mean the user has a Fing account too? I don't remember adding name to that device though.


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    Hi @Edln I’m not sure i’ve seen this situation myself, would you please post a screenshot and also clarify where you’re seeing the device i.e. Fing App, fing website or fingbox scan results. Thanks. 
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    I believe @Edln is referring to this:

    ...which I believe comes from this:

    Looks like Fing Desktop is automatically tagging the device based on the DHCP name, but I'm not sure how/if that tag can be edited at all OR how that tag can be used. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    PS> It is funny how it is doing this since it seems to be removing the trailing 's' from the DHCP name. My name ends in an 's' so the tag on my devices is missing the 's' at the end  :smile:
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    Hi All, That name does not represent anything for the users. It picks up some parameters which were meant for internal use and it's being displaying over there. We are working on this to correct this with future updates. 
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    As a feature, it would be great to be actually able to allocate devices to specific users rather than have to try and remember which device is used by which person.
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    I have the same icon... on my wife Iphone....

    I think only iphone can have that icon....  I dont see it on android phone