I put a new router in - Fing Desktop created a new network and all previous history gone

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I have Fing Desktop (premium), Fing app on mobile, and a physical Fingbox, all logged into the same Fing account.

I recently swapped a new router in my network, so the LAN gateway device now has a new MAC address for the LAN ethernet interface (the one that Fing Desktop sees). Everything else is the same (same subnet address, same MAC addresses on existing devices, same RFC1918 IP addresses assigned to those devices, etc.) on the LAN. The external IP assigned by my ISP is also the same because I spoofed the WAN MAC on the new router, so they would reassign the same IP when my devices came back up after the install.

I didn't think I had to spoof the same LAN MAC for Fing Desktop to keep on working. I expected that I would be notified of the change but allowed to approve it (similar to when I add a new AP to my WiFi or when a new device joins for the first time).

Instead, Fing Desktop detected a gateway device change, created a brand new network, and started its usual device and network monitoring. I can see the 'old' Fing Desktop network saved in my Fing App on mobile, but it's not marked as online and has a last update of when I made the switch.

What can I do to merge the old and new Fing-Desktop-Created networks, so I keep my old event history and settings, and everything continues to update in the same way it did before? I tried renaming the current network to the same as the old one. I also made sure the other details were the same (address, context, etc.), but I can't convince Fing Desktop that I don't have a new network.

I am not asking to merge the Fingbox and Fing Desktop networks; I know that's not currently possible (but it absolutely needs to be at the top of the future enhancement list, to consolidate all products under one user experience). I also understand the old network is still saved in my Fing App for mobile and web app.



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    Hi @Christopher, I moved this to the Fing Desktop section for you for relevance.  @Ciaran, is there a way to merge for him to merge his new with his old network?
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    Thanks @Marc
    If anyone wants to merge network then you can do it via web app and see if you are able to see the gear icon to merge network.

    If you don't see any gear icon then it cant be merged. To explain, if you have a Fingbox and you are using a Fing Dekstop, then you will see two networks, one from the Fingbox and one from the Fing Desktop. As Fing Desktop is a separate product, it works separately and does not integrate with Fingbox as of the moment. If something changes with future release then we will let all users know. 
    Also, if you are using an Apple device, then as apple restricted from identifying he MAC addresses, then Fing App may create multiple networks provided Fing App is unable to read the MAC address and recognise if the devices are coming from same network or different. Only the network from Fing mobile app and Fing Desktop can merge, given the MAC address is being able to read by the Fing App. And if you select the Fing Desktop network from the Fing mobile app(not the Fingbox network) then if you have made any changes to Fing Desktop devices, you can view same on Fing mobile app. 
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