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I had to replace my fingbox - died. Removed it from my account, uninstalled the app from my phone and reinstalled everything.

In my original setup, I had an option to block all devices trying to join. I would get a notification and then I could either leave it blocked or allow it to join. I no longer see that option. Am I missing something?



  • Marc
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    Hi @Stanz358, in the mobile app, make sure you have selected your Fingbox network and no other.  You can do that by scrolling down on the home-screen, scroll down to current network, chose the more icon on the far right.  You should then see a list of networks.  Choose the Fingbox one, the swipe it to make it the default network.  Then you done...  Let me know if this was your issue and whether it worked.

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    Yes, I suspect that is the issue as @Marc has highlighted. If you have a Fingbox connected, you definately still have that feature & option. You may just need to add the Fingbox network to your home tab, see the following post for detailed instructions (iOS instructions in the comments)
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