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  • ThorathomeThorathome Member, Beta Tester Posts: 4
    I moved to Netgear Orbi RBR50 with 1 Satellite and give it a C+. When it works, it’s excellent and fast, but the fit and finish on this system is poor. 1) When re-establishing a connection due to power outage, internet disconnect (yes, it happens), or the occasional firmware upgrade, the Orbi is very poor at re-establishing its own connection to my ISP. I almost always have to reboot my units to get things running again. 2) the iOS app is not set up for iPad, doesn’t rotate to landscape format, for example. 3) Netgear is pushing Bitdefender, gives a one-year free contract with the new unit. So I get a constant reminder from the Orbi app that I have a security gap by not renewing. I would NOT buy these units again, would look elsewhere. 
  • benabena Member, Beta Tester Posts: 16
    Tenda correction where I have written ms3/6 it should me MW3 MW6
    No the Auto maintenance is at 4:00
  • benabena Member, Beta Tester Posts: 16
    My Tenda Mesh 
    Fing see them going "in range", "went online" 10 times in an hour, call logged with their support waiting for a reply
    I have 2 x mw6 and 4 x mw3 in my network all are in bridged mode, 3 are connected via a wired circuit to my core switch the others are just Wi-fi
    They appear to be unstable sometimes I’m not able to connect or very slow ping (5000 ms).  Maybe they keep rebooting but I don’t know
    Also they are not using DHCP and can select an address outside my dhcp range!
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    @bena - feel free to start up a thread on Tenda Mesh separately! This way we can discuss your issue in more detail. 
    You can start that discussion in devices/security over here: 

    Community Manager at Fing

  • benabena Member, Beta Tester Posts: 16
    Yes I have that set up for 4am, but it disconnects at many other time as well
  • julianlbjulianlb Member, Beta Tester Posts: 1
    Just moved from an AirPort non Mesh network at home to an Eero Pro installation. Eero is very good better than I expected and this is after I messed with Google WiFi and Velop.
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