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    I moved to Netgear Orbi RBR50 with 1 Satellite and give it a C+. When it works, it’s excellent and fast, but the fit and finish on this system is poor. 1) When re-establishing a connection due to power outage, internet disconnect (yes, it happens), or the occasional firmware upgrade, the Orbi is very poor at re-establishing its own connection to my ISP. I almost always have to reboot my units to get things running again. 2) the iOS app is not set up for iPad, doesn’t rotate to landscape format, for example. 3) Netgear is pushing Bitdefender, gives a one-year free contract with the new unit. So I get a constant reminder from the Orbi app that I have a security gap by not renewing. I would NOT buy these units again, would look elsewhere. 
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    Tenda correction where I have written ms3/6 it should me MW3 MW6
    No the Auto maintenance is at 4:00
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    My Tenda Mesh 
    Fing see them going "in range", "went online" 10 times in an hour, call logged with their support waiting for a reply
    I have 2 x mw6 and 4 x mw3 in my network all are in bridged mode, 3 are connected via a wired circuit to my core switch the others are just Wi-fi
    They appear to be unstable sometimes I’m not able to connect or very slow ping (5000 ms).  Maybe they keep rebooting but I don’t know
    Also they are not using DHCP and can select an address outside my dhcp range!
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    @bena - feel free to start up a thread on Tenda Mesh separately! This way we can discuss your issue in more detail. 
    You can start that discussion in devices/security over here: 

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    Yes I have that set up for 4am, but it disconnects at many other time as well
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    Just moved from an AirPort non Mesh network at home to an Eero Pro installation. Eero is very good better than I expected and this is after I messed with Google WiFi and Velop.
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    Hi there - this is my first comment in this forum and living here in Germany, English is not my maiden language.  So please excuse any grammar mistakes on my behalf.
    I would like to point your search to "THE" best router, I can think of for a comparatively low budget. The german company "AVM" produces the "Fritz!Box" in many different variations for many years, already. They were always the best choice I could imagine at any given time. AVM is very eager to keep their firmware up-to-date and to close any recently discovered backdoors as quickly as possible. and adds new funtions which I didn't even think of by the time, when I bought their router.
    The menu navigation is excellent  and any menu prompt is very well described and you can always lookup any arising keyword in their own and very well maintained knowledge-base.
    During some of the recent years I still used the "FritzBox 7490" and I was always very pleased with it. When the newer model "7590" appeared, the MESH-technology had just appeared and so I used the new model as MESH-master and and the previous 7490 as well as various WLAN-repeaters as MESH-slaves, all over my house and in the workshop. Meanwhile I got a 200MBit fiber-optic-access directly to my house and this works perfectly on my 7590. Any FritzBox also contains a very comfortable telephone system as well as very useful USB-ports.
    Many more gadgets, than I can describe here in a few words. Look for the first number in the firmware-version. As soon as you see a 7, there, the firmware uses  MESH technology. Many providers offer  the AVM-routers as an alternative to their own models and you can normally rent them on a monthly base. from your phone provider. However, I would always buy my "Fritz!Box directly from AVM on the open market.
    This way you can always be sure that your provider has not had any possibility to goof about the firmware and program any annoying features like bait advertising into AVM's firmware.
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    I have two Asus AC 86U routers for my mesh.  The routers are fine with speed and connectivity with the latest firmware.  I have had these in place for a good 1.5 years but recently added my IOT devices to a guest network.  Much to my chagrin, the guest networks do not get extended to the mesh nodes, yep, they all run on the primary node.  Of coarse I do not want my IOT devices running on the network with access to router functionality.
    I don't see this being fixed anytime soon or at all so I would stay away from the older Asus AIMesh routers, perhaps this is not an issue with their AX brands or if you do not rely on a guest network, these routers work great.
    I retired my LinkSys EA9300 purely because a firmware update hasn't been issued in I don't recall how long which concerns me from a security perspective.
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    I have a Google mesh with four nodes (3 plus master) I am very happy with it. It set up easily and has been reliable now for over a year. I needed it mainly to put a strong node in the garage for OTA updates for the car. I love the fact that you can also plug in a hard wired device into the node.
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