Fing macOS desktop app randomly asks to acknowledge new network after FIOS router reboot

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Occasionally after rebooting my FiOS router, the Fing macOS desktop app randomly asks me to acknowledge the new network.  The broadcast name has not changed. 
What indicators does the app use to determine if it is a new network?  Is this a known issue?  
OS macOS Catalina 10.15.7
Fing 2.3.0
See attached notification 

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    Not sure... but perhaps it might be related to the question I just posted related to "Self-Organizing Network"..   A wild guess would be you have both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz combined in a SON, so showing a single SSID where the Fios gateway is managing the connections between both... and Fing is getting confused since it started with one of them, then unexpectedly changed to the other....  To you it would look the same, but I expect Fing is looking at the MAC addresses which would be different under the covers.  If you don't need 2.4 you could turn it off entirely and see if that helps..  but that is not always an option since some devices might not work on 5Ghz, or you might need the extra range of 2.4Ghz.