Fingbox has 2 IP addresses

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Hello - a network scan is showing that single MAC address (with a manufacturer of Domotz Limited) has two IP addresses. Why would this be when I have a single Fingbox. How do I change so that there is only one IP address? 


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    Hello there, I have the same problem this ip address is not the router ip. Can someone explain why a fingbox should have two or multiple ip addresses.

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    Hi @Thing @tango_golf
    We recently found out that there is a minor issue within the App that is mixing the source of information across discovery rounds. This cause devices to be correctly identified on the first scan round (until 50% of the scan), but then something goes wrong with the detection of devices from the ARP table and the app fallback to IP only ARP entries mapped over the Fake MAC address: 02:00:00:00:00:00
    This MAC address creates a new Node in the network and all the detected IPs are collapsed on it. This issue affects Android 10 and Android 11 only, so far we detected it only on Samsung devices but it may happen on others too, and it’s due to some new limitations introduced by Google. We fixed the problem already and we will release a new version of the app shortly which will cover the fix. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Update: Ignore that. ARP spoofing of blocked devices was creating the additional addresses for the Fingbox.

    @Robin this appears to still be occuring on non Fingbox based scans for my Fingbox from the app with my Pixel 5 and Android 11.

    Do you think this is the same issue occuring again or if it could be some other cause?