is there a way to disable the weekly router vulnerability tests or specify when they run?

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I have noticed that when the fingbox's "router vulnerability" test runs, it brings my network down for the duration of the test (more specifically, can't browse the internet, can't ping, no DNS resolution, my external ping service (uptime robot) reports an outage). This has been going on for a long as I can recall, but mostly is not an issue other than being annoying. I am on an AT&T fiber connection connected to an entirely Ubiquiti Unifi network (AT&T Modem -> Unifi Security Gateway 3 -> US-24-250W Switch which the Fingbox is connected to)

Is there a way for me to disable the test or at least schedule it in the middle of the night? It ran at 8:50am this morning, kicking my daughter out of her Zoom class which was incredibly disruptive as the teacher has to let her back into her class (if they even notice that a student had dropped off).


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    Hi @funkadelic
    Can you please DM me the Public IP address of your network? There is a way to disable scan towards your public Internet IP in the background which can be done by our developers. You should provide us your internet IP and we can apply the config on server side so that the port scan from external won’t happen anymore.


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    Hey @funkadelic, let me tag @Robin or @Ciaran from Fing to see if they have a way to change/disable or troubleshoot this.
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    Hi @funkadelic (Norm), I dont believe this is possible, however, I am consulting with our Engineering team for clarification. I will revert once I get an update/confirmation. thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)