TP Link Extenders Wrongly Identified

I have 3 TP Link Extenders on my network. Fing identified them all with IP and Mac addresses, however, all of them are listed as Apple IOS Devices. 1 is shown as an iPad and 2 as iPhones. Not even that is consistent as I have 2 TL-WA850RE devices and 1 shows as an iPad and 1 an iPod. the single R200 shows as an iPad. 
This does not make any practical difficulty for me as I am aware of the issue but feel it should be noted; might save someone else puzzling over it.


  • Ciaran
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    Hi @reneh46. Thank you for your feedback. 

    The Fing App discovery will identify devices on a best effort basis, based on the information made available by the device, e.g. the MAC address. There are numerous reasons why the device might not be recognised correctly e.g.

    - The DHCP server is not refreshing when speaking to your Fingbox.

    - Limited information being offered by specific devices.

    When you establish what the device is, we would encourage users to insert as many details that you can about the device. This will assist with improved user device identification in the future and help improve the engine for all Fing users.

    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)