Unknown Device Connecting At Odd Time

Hello all,

I know for a fact that a device has been using my home WiFi at night when I'm asleep and I'd love to see who it is and confirm it but I am stumped at how to do it. I thought Fing would be the solution but the device goes offline throughout the day so it isnt in the search and seeing that I have to manually refresh, I cant be up to check it.

I downloaded the PC version but I read here that it scans every hour which means it can very well be unable to scan at the time the device logs in.

My router is no help (Dlink) and only shows me currently connected devices so any help or advice would be very much appreciated.



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    You need more in depth tools. I would use Wireshark and search for an IP or MAC address that doesn't match my devices.

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    http://<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx wan-ip>
    If you think it is through a local provider and not your modem wia wifi.(test turn off wifi for a few days.)
    You need to gain access to the administration site of your internet provider box. It is found in chrome for port 80 HTTP only.  wan-ip as shown in d-link advanced settings.   X.x.x.1 is possible if not known. Subnet scan.. Then find ports etc.
    Setting is the DHCP server and its leases. Those are access points to you. 
    Call tier 2 provider tech support. Not 1. They will know directly. 

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    Here is an odd on topic/off topic comment: I had a similar experience a while back (couple years?). Turned out to be an older Kindle e-reader that would turn on around midnight for a minute or two, sync and then turn off. All by its magical self. The device had previously been seen on the network, but at that point in time, it had not been identified specifically. Took a bit to figure out. So, solid history in the Fing log, but nothing current, other than the recent midnight skulking. Big gap between previous usage and current sporadic. Unit had been out of monitored location for a couple months, then returned, so Fing saw skulking. Took eyeballs and walking around with thinking cap on for a few days to resolve mystery. So much IoT now, a bit harder. Creative thinking and better tools required. Managed switch? See where the traffic is coming from into the network. Not managed? Should at least be able to tell if it is WiFi or hardwired. Is it in the DHCP pool? Block it and see what breaks.