In current network- see all devices- What is the blue silhouette with name next to it mean?

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What is the added name for no other device has it.


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    @Manthis, that is a great question.  I had a look at mine and see something similar.  Though it labels, say, Jeremy's iPad as belonging to Jeremy, it does not label Jeremy's Mac as Jeremys.  @Robin or @Ciaran, would any of you folks be able to tell us what the desktop uses to determine who something belongs to and why its indiscriminate?  Is there anything we can do to make it more accurate? 

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    Thanks @Marc
    That blue mark is an identifier that works internally for device identification. It is for internal use only and it doesn't have any specific function. We will see if it is a UI bug and we will try to remove it in upcoming versions.
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