Events history now premium for some devices ON FINGBOX, not desktop app, seriously??

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I keep reading the same stock answer that "nothing has changed in Finbox functionality, it is only Fing Desktop that charges premium for events history".

Let me be clear: I never use Fing Desktop, never used it in the past, other than try it ages ago and finding it wanting. I am definitely talking purely about Fingbox. I access it through the App and, not sure what the distinction is, but with some devices I am asked to pay the premium subscription to see the history. Including devices on my own network. So, clearly, Fingbox no longer has the same functionality, you cut it down in scope and ask for premium. That is NOT the product I bought and it is lame to do it and then deny it on top.

I repeat: I DON'T USE FING DESKTOP, only Fingbox through the App and I get asked for premium, so do not repeat the same rubbish answer. I attach a screenshot asking for premium for a device which is mine and within my own network, detected by Fingbox in the normal way. How is that "the same functionality" as before? (P.S. the app will not let me attach the screenshot. Way to go!)

With so many people complaining, do you think we are all morons and cannot tell the difference between the desktop version, generally accessed from a desktop or laptop computer, as the name suggests and Fingbox through the mobile app? Or are you saying it is the App which has changed? If so, how else do I access that information from Fingbox, if not through the app???

Talk about underhand and obfuscating.

Can we have a relevant answer, not a stock one marked as "accepted", god know by whom?



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    @HRH_The_Duchess, below is Fing’s published response to changes in the product.  Taken from another thread...  

    Hi all, 

    Once again, thank you everybody for your feedback on recent changes to Timeline Reporting & Monthly Performance report on Fingbox. 

    As promised, we have heard you and have completed the following: 

    1. We compiled all of your feedback regarding Timeline reporting & Monthly Performance report and communicated this with our Product team for consideration. 
    2. Reached out to a sample group of Fingbox users to take part in a ‘Focus Group’ to discuss this feedback 
    3. Some of you reported confusion that the Vulnerability tool was not working from your ‘Home’ tab and was appearing as a Premium feature, even though you have a Fingbox. To confirm, the Vulnerability tool still worked from the Fingbox Dashboard, but I completely appreciate how this caused confusion. 

    Please see below the feedback & updates in relation to the concerns raised: 

    Based on your feedback we are making the following changes:  

    • Monthly Performance Reports:  The Internet Performance Report is a most-loved feature, which we spent quite some time in restructuring and improving on recently. The detailed calendar and day-by-day account appeal mostly to PROs, that are also likely to be Premium members, and clog up the report for the not-interested audience, hence the restriction. 

    However, after reviewing your feedback, it is clear that there is a wider user base who found this feature beneficial. We are going to reinstate Internet reports details in full.  

    • Timeline Reporting: We want to leverage its content to the full extent rather than cold-storing it (or worse, having to delete the content), as it provide tremendous value to understand and optimize the network. We’ve not been able so far to provide analysis about the presence, the power consumption, the access to comparison in the App spanning longer periods. These evolutions require more resources to ensure the same level of quality is preserved to all Fingboxes. 

    While reducing the access to the Internet Report was more about simplifying the content, limiting the timeline is a resource-conscious activity that we might tune but definitely needs to take place. Considering this, along with your feedback, we are going to expand the Timeline Reporting period to 3 months. 

    • Vulnerability Tool: as mentioned, we escalated the feedback about the Vulnerability tool not working from the ‘Home’ tab in the app. I agree that this was confusing. This change has been made this week, and now the vulnerability tool will now function from the Home tab (not just on the Fingbox dashboard) if you have a Fingbox (even if you are not subscribed to Fing Premium). 


    • Ok, so when will these changes take place? 
    • As mentioned, the change to the Vulnerability tool has been implemented already. The changes to the Timeline reporting & the Monthly performance report will be implemented by the end of November (in time for your November Monthly Report). The change will be retroactive for October also (i.e. you will be able manually to download a report for October also) 

    To close

    • As mentioned, we have not and have no intention of removing existing Fingbox functionality. Also, we will be adding additional features for Fingbox, however this will be part of the Fing Premium subscription. 
    • Thank you once again for your feedback & I hope you enjoy the improvements made based on your feedback. 

    Ciaran, Robin & wider Fing Team 

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    That long message is supposed to tell me what about events history/timeline reporting/whatever you call it?

    I have now tried and there is NO HISTORY of virtually no history for most devices where before I had full history of events.

    It suggestively tells me that my heating hub has "X more state changes I could see, if only I paid premium", but, as I have not, I get no status changes whatsoever. Seriously?

    Long and short of the wooly message is that you have removed any semblance of the history functionality from Fingbox unless we pay the extra. Am I missing something? Shall I send all the screenshot my own devices, on my own network, which Fingbox now refuses to provide a history for?

    Did I miss some obviously well hidden setting or are you being underhand?

    And before you refer me to the post about the most blindingly obvious steps if you cannot access Fingbox functionalities, all is done to the letter, the history has just been hidden by you behind a paywall. If that is not taking away functionality, what is??

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    No, I will not refer you to a post as I’ve already done that previously. Since you still cannot see your timeline, lets see if the feature has been re-enabled. 
    @Robin, can you confirm if the functionality has been added back, per your below response?

    • Ok, so when will these changes take place? 
    • As mentioned, the change to the Vulnerability tool has been implemented already. The changes to the Timeline reporting & the Monthly performance report will be implemented by the end of November (in time for your November Monthly Report). The change will be retroactive for October also (i.e. you will be able manually to download a report for October also) 

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    Thanks @Marc
    The functionality has been added. It might take a week or two for changes to take in affect. For Performance report and Vulnerability tool, they are already revert back to original settings.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Thanks for the update. I have no problem waiting a couple of weeks, though it seems a long time for an update to work its way through to the end uses. 
    As of today, 8 December, nothing has changed yet and I can still get the history of a handful of devices, but the majority remains Premium. Will revert once I see the functionality working again or in a couple of weeks if it still does not.
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  • HRH_The_Duchess
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    No, if you say the update has gone through, then it does not work and the events history information available through Fingbox  DEFINITELY HAS NOT come back to life or changed one bit on either Android or iPhone.
    What functionality are you actually talking about here, making events history available on Fingbox without payment again or is it something else meant for somewhere else? The three months deadline for what?

    I checked on several phones, all with the latest version of the app. For most of my devices, on my own network, wired or wireless, or not connected but in range, it still hides status changes behind a paywall.  I attach a couple of screenshots as a pdf. I have taken them less than an hour ago of the information the Fing app gets from Fingbox.   One is this computer I am writing with , wired in, one is my NAS, also wired, and one is an Amazon firestick, wireless. What they all have in common is that I no longer have access to their events history, previously available in full. The information is there, same as before, so, in that sense, it never changed, the only difference is that it is dangled in front of us virtually saying: "We have all the information you used to get for free, which was one of the main reasons you bought I got a Fingbox in the first place, now you will just have to pay to get it"

    So, clearly , the events history within Fingbox has NOT been restored to how it had been before. This has been complained of for long enough that you have had ample time to restore it. What game are we playing at here?

    I am now starting to question whether these half incomprehensible answers derive from you being overworked and not paying enough attention or are Trump-like attempts at distracting from the blatantly obvious and avoid the questions you do not like by saying that everything is "incredible" and how many functionalities have gone live? As a further alternative, are you deliberately being dense in the hope we will get bored of asking and give up.

    So, despite "having gone live on Android", the events history is still non existent, unless one pays for the premium subscription. The functionality obviously remains unchanged, it is only the insistence on charging that has changed.

    Let's try once again, the question is easy: when will we be able again to see the full events history collected by Fingbox, as was always the case, without having to pay the premium subscription? Or are we just stuck with the subscription whether we like it or not?

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    Let me add some clarification to this question (and hopefully this is what will get fixed in the next iOS release). I also own the original Fingbox and only use the iOS app (do not use Fing desktop). 
    Fing has said they are working on adding back the timeline feature. This feature is in two different places. First, there is an overall timeline of events on the ‘Network’ tab. That seems to be working fine.
    However, when you are on the page for an individual device on your network and you click on ‘Events’, you see “No recent events to display” and are asked to try the premium version of the app. 
    For me at least, this is what needs to be fixed. I need access to the event log for an individual device. And yes, I access the device via the page for my Fingbox and I am fully logged in.
    I will wait for the next version of the iOS app to see if that is fixed. 
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    I have seen multiple threads where users are complaining that they are no longer able to view a device’s state change history on events page, and I have seen the responses that continuously state that “no existing fingbox functionality has been removed”. I have also seen a blanket response that mentions restoring “timeline reporting” by the end of November.

    I am uncertain if there is a miscommunication between the users complaining and the admin responding OR the admin is intentionally avoiding a discussion about the blatantly obvious removal of existing fingbox functionality for non-premium users.

    Can someone please give us a straight answer to the following questions?

    The events page of a device used to show a history of state changes that went back months, and has done so for like the last 4 years. After a recent fing iOS app update, the page that used to show the events log, now has a message that says “there are 50 state change events that are not displayed. Go premium to unlock a complete state change event history.”

    1. Will this previously existing fingbox functionality that has been removed, be restored?
    2. The end of November was 10 days ago and I dont see any restored functionality in the app, just in time for the november report :-/
    3. when it’s stated that “no existing fingbox functionality has been removed”, does it actually mean that “some existing fingbox functionality which you already paid for, now requires you to pay monthly to be able to use it. So technically it wasn’t “removed”, you just dont have access to it”

    Here is a another screenshot of the events page message I mentioned, so there is no ambiguity about the feature in question.

    Looking forward to clearing this up. Thank you!

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