Why am I not able to see event details anymore on my Fingbox

I used this function often to review event states of my devices especially for simple activities like whether my kids were still using their devices at a certain time. My Fingbox app is now telling me I need to pay to see 50 available events. I was under the impression NOTHING Changed that was available before for original Fingbox users.. there seem to be functionality removed. I have been with this product during its crowdfunding and even met you guys at CES before your launch.

What is going on??? Can someone explain in a simple comparison matrix - what we had before and what we don’t have not in the latest app for Fingbox. I don’t care about what’s coming, only what I had and no longer works as is requiring a subscription.


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    I just figure out that I was not able anymore to define/receive alerts without paying a subscription. It's a shame!!! Shame on you Fing!!! I can understand that subscription is for new other features but not that current features become paid features!!!

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    Wait.. what there is more missing???Honestly..the worst thing you can do is to loose customers trust in a product or a services, and I am got there in less than a few hours.. I believed in this product before launch and to date it’s been a valuable component in my home Network setup.

    What is really bugging me now, your comments that old capabilities would not be removed is proving to be dishonest. It’s either red or blue, you have to be clear with your customers. A simple chart of all the previous capabilities EVERYTHING, with check marks comparing to the new current version of what is to be paid for. This is ridiculous, I don’t any longer know what is still available to me and what is not. I should NOT have to discover this on my own during a time of need. I should NOT be hearing the same messaging from other people in the same situation also finding out that something they were looking for is no longer there .. this now makes 2 functionalities no longer available. The question is - how much more functionalities we did not discover yet that are missing? I don’t want to find out like I did last night during a time of need.

    If Fing is moving to a subscription model because you just have no choice due to financial burdens on maintaining the service - you would obviously you to handle the messaging and your actions carefully in the most brutally honest way you can. Trust and Integrity matters. I am okay with net-new features as of this release being paid for ..but leave what we had to date in place. Remove the * from the app screen prompting to pay for a feature.. I want to use the Fing app with my Fingbox on my iPhone as it was intended to be the front end to use the backend hardware without the constant reminder I am using some kind of partial demo app needing subscription. Please fix this!

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    Folks, please see @Ciaran’s answer to this in this thread...  https://community.fing.com/discussion/comment/23125#Comment_23125

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    Hi @maveric835 @raf17
    Please check the link by Marc which will answer your query and to put few words from the information. The changes to the Timeline reporting & the Monthly performance report will be reinstated and re-implemented by the end of November (in time for your November Monthly Report). The change will be retroactive for October also (i.e. you will be able manually to download a report for October also) 
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