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I have had my Fing for two years now and am generally very pleased with the Services included with My Fing1. I've certainly got my money's worth out of it. I don't mind paying for premium, but wonder what elevated level of services I can expect? Will it include anything like snort? I already get instant notifications when a device is added to my network. I can already get reports of a simple nature. Will the reports be available in some sort of CSV format for download? If this is just another way to crowdfund something I've had for a while I'm willing to do that. I donate to Wikipedia after all, no Fing is a no brainier.


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    i see that fing app asks me to purchase the premium account, but i have all features already with fingbox. so i am confused...

    did fing company downgrade fingbox users with less features so they will have to buy it?

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    Is there a compelling difference between the thing too and the thing one to just fire replacing the one with the two?

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    Hi @Hughdman @msrl

    All of your Fingbox functionality will still work as previously without having to upgrade to premium.

    To clarify:   In recent months we have launched Fing Premium. Fing Premium subscribers will have access to additional features, services, tools etc. that expand the functionality of the free version of the software.

    Premium Plan info:

    Since its introduction, we continued to add features to Fingbox, free of charge (e.g. auto-block functionality, expanded monthly reports etc.). All of these existing Fingbox functionality will still work on Fingbox and there is no subscription required to access these features on your Fingbox. 

    We now currently have 3 product offerings: 

    1. Fing Mobile App

    2. Fing Desktop

    3. Fingbox

    Currently, whilst there are benefits for Fingbox users (e.g. local API tool), Fing Premium is particularly beneficial to the Mobile App & Fing Desktop users. However, going forward, we do plan on adding additional features that will also further benefit Fingbox users.

    It is completely optional if users want to subscribe or not, as mentioned if you are a Fingbox user, none of your Fingbox features or functionalities have been affected.

    I hope this helps

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Another early Fingbox user (Indiegogo) that's confused. So basically, at this time premium doesn't offer much for us Fingbox users? Am I understanding correctly? I love my Fingbox and find it quite useful but haven't been following the updates recently w/r/t Premium.
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    Hi @djc, that is correct. There are certainly benefits such as local API functionality, but currently the users that will get most benefit from Fing Premium are Mobile App users & Fing Desktop users. However, going forward we will be adding additional functionality for Fingbox users also. THough, of course, Fing Premium is optional and users are certainly not obliged to purchase to access their existing Fingbox functionalities. Thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)

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