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So I have this scenario where the Fing app on 2 phones (android 10 and iOS 14) states that I am not connected.

However I am clearly connected. As when I use the Fingbox and select internet I can see that I am , it's even done speed test and I can see the public IP and details in 'internet setup' , however the internet provider section looks like it's just hanging on trying to return info.

When I use other tools example Analiti it can determine that it's Superloop as seen in one of the pics , sometime it may ever resolve as NuSkope which also the same company


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    If with other tools, the ISP name is not able to display correctly then have you tried talking to your ISP if they have implemented some security?
    Any suggestions @Marc @Pixel

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    It’s impossible to say for sure what’s happening with the information provided but it is possible that the ISP has a server that hasn’t been configured correctly. If no identity is configured then all sorts of issues could take place including the one mentioned I.e. No Connection

    The OP could try the ISP support to check if there’s a configuration problem but that is likely to require a feat of endurance & may not get a satisfactory response.

    As the problem is happening across different devices & operating systems it’s unlikely to be an application issue although that can’t be ruled out.

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    I'm also kind of leaning to some sort of security thing.  Be it a block on the router or something the ISP has implemented.  Is UPNP turned off?   If it is, could you temporarily re-enable it, reboot your Fingbox, then try the tests again?
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    Robin, Pixel and Marc. Thank you for your replies and advice.

    Today I was able to see my provider show up.

    Their name appeared on the home screen under internet and I was able to even see my providers ranking against other providers.

    The only thing I did today that was different in my router was I enabled the 2.5G radio and also allowed band steering.

    After doing so all to the info displayed. I find it odd that , that could be it.

    Later on the weekend when I have some extra time I will go back to those original settings I had to see if that indeed was what causing the issue.

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    Hi all , I reverted to my original settings and my service provider is still showing.

    So I think it's just coincidentally that when I made changes on the router that the ISP info is now showing up.

    Maybe Pixel you were right, the ISP had not configured info correctly and it just happened to be that their changes were happening when I was doing mine.

    Nonetheless everything is working well. Once again thank you for suggesting your options and trying to help.

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    I’m pleased to hear all is good again.

    The Joys of Technology 😁

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