Beginner needs to know anout events that occured

I downloaded this app or program the other night and was not too impressed. Had forgotten about it when today I get 2 messages about an update to fix problem in previous program. I was lerry about taking any update from my email -- but I did. # hrs later I paid for the trial version and will probably take the first year for ?
My router and modem were not talking well and had not taken the last update sent by my ISP. I guess they would never have told me about it. No wonder everything had slowed down and/or timed out.
Do i leave this open after I run it or log out (of the program) and is there an audible alarm on it. I thought I had seen one earlier. Also ans last --is there is a higher tier of program above what I paid for or are they simply advertising this tier until I commit.  

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    Hi @ken20, welcome to the forums.  The desktop app, if you want it to actively monitor your network, would need to be on a workstation thats always running.  

    On the other hand, you can just leave it at its default which is start at boot up.  Then every time your workstation is running, it will be active.   a setting on the app to run at boot and hide window at boot which will start it minimized so it will not be prominent at boot.

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    So like a lot other things you don't have to look at it but it is running as a hidden icon -- is that right?

    I thank you very much. This is a very cool program. I found out right away why my attempts to open a site were slowing down and/or timing out. My ISP had screwed up their last update. All is well now.
    Happy Thanksgiving