Changing/Wrong Device ID MAC 02:00:00:00:00:00

Hello, I am new to Fing, hopefully someone can explain why the following shows up on my LAN:
IP Address (TP-LINK wifi router) MAC Address 02:00:00:00:00:00 
It seems that my iPhone (iOS 13.6.1) sometimes gets identified as the router but some times the strange MAC is assigned to my ROKU.  Thus, that is what is changing (who gets the 02:00... MAC) see screen shots below.  

There are several Apple devices on the network (at least 3 iPhones, and 3 iPads).  Some have iOS 14 and some are still at iOS 13. Some I don't know what iOS they are.  I suspect "MAC 02:00:00:00:00:00" is related to Apple's decision to assign different MAC when device changes wifi.  
I don't understand this behavior and could it explain the "multiple DHCP" and "IP conflict" error messages showing up on my computer?  These errors and lack of internet connectivity (for both my iPhone and the ROKU even while wifi is up) are what made me install FING to begin.  I suspect multiple problems happening but not sure.  Is this only the Apple MAC issue or something else as well?

The LAN is fairly straightforward: Comcast/Xfinity modem followed by TP-LINK wifi gateway and a single wifi extender of the 2-4, 5 GHz networks (also TP-LINK).  We do not have a fingbox.  In addition to the iOS devices several laptops/desktops (windows, macOS) and some smart devices (plugs) and alexa speakers ring doorbell/ lights.
Unfortunately, I am not closer to a solution and the internet connectivity issue is intermittent but only really problematic after a power failure. Now I'm just confused about what to check next.  This problem seems similar to that described recently by Ateena


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    I believe you are experiencing multiple IP Conflicts. When power shuts down and comes back up your devices are automatically connecting to the network. In doing so, the devices are competing for the same IP address. ALSO, the device(s) have stored the last IP address used while connected to the network.

    The same situation can occur when the family all makes a run to the store. Upon returning to home base the devices are again auto connecting to the network.

    To correct the problem you will need to assign each device a STATIC IP ADDRESS.

    All devices are different so you will need to do a couple google searches for each device, respectively.

    BUT, typically for cellular devices you would disconnect from network... Reconnect to network (like it was 1st time)... Then tap the advanced option and you will see a DHCP or STATIC... Choose STATIC and enter (assign the device) an IP ADDRESS of

    And then click connect to the network.

    You will go to next device same process,but you will use and next device and so on.

    IP addresses have a range of 1 thru 254, (this value is the last number of the IP address)

    When fourteen devices auto connect they all jockey for spots thru

    If two devices show the same IP address it will cause conflict AND DRIVE YOU NUTS.


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    Thank you Deeznuts for your reply and explanation.  I will certainly try what you suggest except I don't have control over all of the iOS devices on this LAN (shared rental).  Also, would the static IP apply only to the home wifi network?