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Hi all, I have an issue with email notifications. I have started using both the mobile app and the desktop app (free) but not receiving any emails at all. I have 3 different email addresses configured (just so to test whether it's an email provider issue), I have a number of monitored devices which I should receive email notifications for (not all), I have checked my junk/spam, and yet, no emails coming in when a device goes up or down, or when a new device is seen on my network... Nothing. No push notifications either but I don't mind about those... I have seen a post about a similar issue beginning of Nov but I joined a week ago. Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks in advance!!


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    Hi @apos111, I moved this to the Fing app section for visibility.  Also noted this is happening in all Fing apps, not just the mobile.  @Ciaran or @Robin, tagging you folks to see if you can help out with apos111's email notification issue.
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