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I have this reoccurring log, happens possibly 2-3 times a day, mostly same ip address, which is ‘Petersburg Internet Network ltd’

but does come from other up addresses too.

ACS 00E0FC-HG659b-U7D8W17B15914791 make a connection request form to the CPE failed.2020-11-16 00:54:51User LevelNoticeACS 00E0FC-HG659b-U7D8W17B15914791 connect to CPE failed due to authentication

it did actually connect once but when I ring my service provider they had no answer due to privacy. Which I find strange, what about my privacy?

any help/advice would be so appreciated ;)


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    Thanks for post @Kiwi
    Any advice @Marc @rooted @kltaylor @Pixel

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Hi @Kiwi the ip address is based in the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and if it is appearing in your logs regularly i would be inclined to check for malware/viruses on any devices connected to your network (unless you have dealings with someone in Russia!
    Malwarebytes is excellent software (i use it myself) but you should read how to run it on their website before you download & install it, once completed (if no problems are diagnosed & cleaned) you could then adopt the same procedure with some good anti-virus software.
    There is no guarantee that this indicates you have a malware/virus problem but it does seem suspicious. 
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