OnePlus7kam.lan on AirBnB

TF6TF6 Member Posts: 1

Hey guys, I discovered several unknown devices on my airbnb stay in Lisbon.

One was named OnePlus7kam.lan

As you can see there is also a linux device and two shenzen reecam ones.

Does anybody know more specifically about the OnePlus? I'd guess it belongs to a mobile phone, but I'm not sure.

Asking the host about it, they didn't seem to understand the question. Thanks


  • PixelPixel Devon, U.K.Moderator Posts: 25
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    Hi @TF6, my guess is that if you are doing anything on other networks (Such as a network in an AirBNB rental) you will see unrecognised items on that network. They may not be current or active but anyone logging into the network will leave a footprint. Unless the owner of the network removes inactive users they’ll be visible forever.
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