Cannot find printer on device list?

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What might be the reason  for Fing  not showing  my printers?  


  • Marc
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    Hi @RetiredDude, assuming they are on the same network as the Fing app, have IP addresses and are powered on, there should be no reason.  I’m making an assumption that you do not have a Fingbox but are using either the Fing desktop or Fing Mobile app

    I’m also assuming they show up on your routers device page?  Can they be pinged from you Mac or Windows desktop and if so do they respond?  Are they the only devices that do not show up?
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  • RetiredDude
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    Hi Marc,
    Thank You for the quick reply.
    Assumption 1:  Correct but no printer listed in Fing.
    Assumption 2:  No Fingbox  
                        2A:    Correct I'm using Fing desktop and Mobile. 
    Well here we go again... The problem was found between the screen and the chair.
    I found the printer in Devices.  I missed that page for some weird reason or lack of reasoning. 
    Appreciated the help.


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    Hi @RetiredDude, just an FYI, I have edited the title of your post to better reflect your query (in case others have a similar query) Thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)