Strange connectivity issue- one device uninterrupted while others lose connection

Hello Everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my post, apologies that it is somewhat wordy- I have had an internet connectivity issue that has been plaguing me for the past 3 weeks. 

My setup is cable modem in bridge mode with router and WiFi access points.

It started out with random disconnects from the internet (intranet/ home WiFi streaming from NAS is fine) and diagnosing with my ISP shows that my cable modem (which is in bridge mode) was acting up so cable modem was changed and things seem to be fine for a day.

Then the random disconnects started re-occurring 4-5 times a day and each time I would power cycle my router and connectivity would restore.  In checking with my ISP I was told that my cable modem (in bridge mode), has strong signal. In fact, when I am not able to connect online, I can connect to my cable modem via and see that it is in bridge mode and that the internet connection is "active" as per the cable modem only diagnostics.

Then I noticed something very odd- I would be on my laptop (via WiFi), or my desktop (via Ethernet) and I would be chatting with someone on web Whatsapp (in Chrome) uninterrupted, but when I use the same laptop / desktop and try to open a Webpage in Chrome, the page would be stuck at "resolving host". - all the while I am able to send / receive message on Whatapp web in the same browser (chrome). Eventually in most cases, my internet connectivity would be lost and then I would have to power-cycle my router again.

Another odd situation would be that my kids would be in a zoom lesson via iPad and I would be unable to initiate any new connection (desktop via Ethernet, laptop, other iPad , iPhone) as well as losing connection on devices that were connected.  All the while the zoom lesson via WiFi on iPad remains uninterrupted!

I thought perhaps there is an IP issue with perhaps my Macbooks, iOS devices or PC so I deleted all the WiFi connections and re-added them, I have disconnected my google and amazon speaker and basically only use my iPad, Macbook for the weekend and these random disconnects still recur, again on power-cycling my router, all would be back to normal in a couple of minutes.

I am at a lost as to what to try, it doesn't seem to be a WiFi issue as this also occur when I am using my desktop via Ethernet, and during these disconnect periods, I am still able to stream via Wifi from my NAS to my Apple TV/ Laptop etc.
Thanks in advance for any help!


  • Marc
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    One thing to try, since your cable modem is running ok, is to plug your Mac directly into the cable modem and see if you get disconnects.  If things remain stable, that would take it out of the equation.  

    Once you eliminate the modem, you could try a reset of the router, put it back to factory default, and see if that clears things up.  If it does not, you might also have a bad router on your hands.  If you have one you could borrow from a friend or an old one you could put back into service, that could be one way to see if your router is at issue if the disconnects stop occurring.  That or buy a new one from a local store that has generous return policy so you can return if the problem persists.
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    Hello Marc,  thank you for the advice, sorry for the delay in follow up as I did not have much success and was on the verge of buying a new router.  I had then real Pixel's reply and changing the DNS seems to have solved the mystery!