How to Change BSSID at Home > Network > Access Points

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Could someone PLEASE help me get this "problem" which I am starting to find very frustrating sorted out?

The short version: I want my Fing Android App to display my current WiFi SSID applied to my router rather than the old SSID which can be seen at Home > Network > Access Points. Under CURRENT WI-FI it is listed correctly (as explained in the first image) but not correct under Access Points (as explained in second image).
Please note: I have already tried the following in this order:
  1. Delete the Fing app data and cache from my phone and delete the app
  2. Ensure that I no longer had any Networks listed under my account at
  3. Basically followed these instructions: to reset the Fingbox (Version 1) - Note - I had to remove the screws holding the Fingbox casing together and use the Reset button on the PCB itself because the Reset option inside the pinhole broke a long time back - pretty flimsy build quality there IMO):
  4. Wait for the Fingbox to give me the blue light > proceed with on-boarding
What I noticed is that all the information which I would have assumed would be completely removed via a Fingbox device reset + data/cache/Fing App removal from phone + checking no Networks listed under my account at ... came back down to the phone app - now that is great in the case of custom device names etcetera but not so great that I am STILL seeing an old custom broadcast SSID name.

Please also note that I cannot find the option to remove a BSSID as described here either:

As another side note, I am also getting the "No internet connection ... This network is not connected to the Internet" error when I select CURRENT WIFI > Internet tab in the Android app -this seems to have already been documented here:

What is it that I am not understanding here?

How can I fix this please?